Saturday, March 25, 2006

Green Map Metro Manila, Philippines now on-line

Dear friends and colleagues,

Please check out the BETA version of Green Map Philippines at:

Finally, after many attempts at putting everything together using our lunch money (baon), we decided to put out this version, which provides an overview of the urban environment of Metro Manila and an on-line map of the "green areas" in Metro Manila. The map contains only a small number of the over 500 sites we consider "green" and culturally and educationally significant. In the coming months we will be establishing our own URL ( putting in an online-registry for comment and verification of the identified green sites, updating the map, starting the planning for a hard copy version, adding pictures of green sites, etc. Green Map Manila is part of the environmental portal set up by various organizations and hosted by the Development Bank of the Philippines at:

Check out the flash intro-really cool.

We'll appreciate your comments and if you have any IT, mapping, GIS, or graphic design skills, please volunteer and help in making this a better Metro Manila Green Map.

Maraming salamat kay Wendy Brawer and Bob Zuber of Green Map NY (that's many thanks Wendy/Bob), Yvette Fernandez for giving me her NY Green Map in 2001, and the GMS team of Jobo, Alex, Michelle, Nokman, Rex, Bunny, Ninoy, Leo, Tams...


Hecky Villanueva

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