Thursday, August 31, 2006

Petron responds to letter

Chair and CEO
PETRON Corporation
39/F Petron MegaPlaza
358 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City
Tel. No. +63 2 886-3888
Fax No. +63 2 886-3064

Dear Mr. Alcantara,

As a Petron shareholder, I am both disappointed and disgusted with the slow and bumbling, if not incompetent, emergency response of Petron management, led by you, to the Guimaras oil spill. Your management and communications teams were deathly silent and invisible during the critical days of the spill when contingency measures, which should have been in place years ago, should have been activated immediately. Instead, your management team SEEMS to have put much of your energy and effort at averting a PR crisis. How I wish the spill control measures were mobilized as quickly as your press releases.

Petron's slow response betrays its CSR and HSE policies. I hope you can address this weakness immediately and identify those responsible for this environmental disaster. Please also explain Petron's continued use of single-hull vessels even after recent oil spills.

Your recent statement mentions actions that are still clearly inadequate to the task at hand and is replete with plans. There is no time to lose. Mobilize as many people as possible, get the best technical help available here in the country and abroad, and DO NOT SCRIMP ON THE EXPENSES.

Walang presyo ang kalikasan ng Pilipinas at kabuhayan at kalusugan ng Pilipino.

Maraming salamat po.

Hecky Villanueva
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006 07:57:24 +0800
From: "Mendoza, Ana Maria C."
To: "Melanie Manaog" , "Hecky Villanueva"
CC: "Ruivivar, Virginia A."

Dear Melanie and Hecky,

Based on the evaluation of the incident, the first concern and action was to contain the spill. The technology for underwater survey is not available locally considering the depth is about 640 meters. Even our PCG does not have the technology, expertise and facilities to do such. Through the P & I club, efforts were done to source a company that has ROV capability. Normally this is very hard to find considering that a number of oil drilling operations worldwide are using this technology. Eventually, we were able to find one from Japan and this also entailed documentation processing, clearance from japanese government, 4 day travel time, etc.

I hope I was able to enlighten you with the above. Rest assured, Petron is doing everything possible to contain the spill, clean-up and rehabilitate the area. For regular updates, please visit

Thank you for your understanding.