Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Beauties and the...cool dude

Beauties and the...cool due, originally uploaded by livingplanet.

Fellow was nice enough to stop and have his picture taken. He placed his arms around the ladies, but they said, "Hey show the tattoos in your arms!"

4th Ave. is a pride of Tucson. Nice colorful homes turned into shops and restaurants. Lots of environmental initiatives launched here. Native SEARCH, the biking community, hydroponic, and other eco-shops mingle with artisan, artsy, bars, and coffee shops. Lots of creativity and innovation here.

4th Ave. denizens: Dangerous blonde and men in kilts

Two of, if not the biggest events in Tucson, Arizona in terms of visitors, are the 4th Ave. Fall and Spring Fairs, which bring out the Tucson community. Families, merchants, artists, denizens, hippies, musicians, and all sorts of folks gather to eat, drink, trade, sell, buy, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the 4th Ave. Fairs. They enjoy the over 400 booths hawking everything, dozens of food and drink booths, children's games including two climbing walls and rides, and street musicians, artists, and fortune tellers. It's quite an experience.

My memorable sights include this beauty with her pet snake.

Men in kilts

Sunday, April 06, 2008


From Padyak.org

The UP Padyak Project

- a bicycling project for the University of the Philippines Diliman Campus, which aims to make a concrete contribution to the University on its Centennial celebration. Initiated by members and alumni of the UP Mountaineers in response to the imminent threat of global warming among many variants of the environmental crisis. This project aims to promote bicycling as means of transportation and lessen dependence on fossil fuel vehicles. It also aims to promote health and fitness in the campus community.

Students will be renting the bicycles at very affordable rates, which will cover rent of an easy-rider bicycle, training, access to bicycle racks and cable locks per semester.

The dry run of the project will start on April 11, 2008 (Summer 2008) through the help of volunteer bikers. Full implementation of the project is planned for June SY 2008-2009.

These brightly-painted bicycles with step-through frames are designed not for speed but for comfort, safety, visibility and function. Utility baskets will be mounted on the handlebars where students can place their belongings.

The UP Padyak Project is privately funded by the members, alumni and friends of the UP Mountaineers.

Of Bike Racks and Trashcans: The 4th Ave. Spring Fair 2008 April 6

One of America's top street fairs is held every Fall and Spring along six blocks of 4th Ave. in Tucson, Arizona. Named after 4th Ave. where the fairs are held and now on its 38th year, the 4th Ave. Fall and Spring Fairs attract 200,000-400,000 visitors. Over 400 arts, crafts, and clothing booths, dozens of food and drink vendors, street musicians and street performers, political activists, hippies, artists, and all sorts of people join the merchants, stores, and restaurants along the hip, hippie, and artsy 4th Ave. The three-day celebration is an expected and fun-filled gathering of the Tucson community and out-of-towners.

The 4th Ave. Spring Fair was held this weekend (April 4-6) and had some great finds in terms of art, jewelry, crafts, and collectibles. Two wall climbing towers were set up along with a “VAN GROW” kids hands-on-art area. Dozens of food booths served an international menu ranging from Mexican, Thai, Greek, Italian, among others to regional fry bed, tri-tip BBQ, fried chicken and more.

4th Ave. is also known as a bastion of the biking community in Tucson. Bike swaps are held regularly with the next one coming up on April 20. The last swap attracted 15,000 participants. On both sidewalks of 4th Ave. are bike racks and trashbins made out of old bike parts. Many look eclectic and funky and add to the artistic and iconoclastic atmosphere in 4th Ave. Check out my photos below.