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Tagging The Obama Generation (TOG)

Project Age-Population Pyramid from the New Politics Institute
Project Age-Population Pyramid from the New Politics Institute

“Change is the only constant;” so said Heraclitus, Isaac Asimov, Disraeli, Crosby, and many others. The only exception is from vending machines as R.C. Gallagher noted. Change, the transition from one state to something different, is no more evident than in the election of a person of color to the presidency of the world’s most powerful nation. What are the implications for his generation and for Filipinos?

First is that the United States and the whole world are in flux. While Tom Brokaw’s “Greatest Generation” was involved in a horrific war and its aftermath, Generation X dealt with issues of relevance, meaning, and identity. Today, there is a third generation, Generation Y or the Millennials; those born 1982 and after. All three generations number in the tens to hundreds of millions (worldwide) and have different ways of looking at the world, its problems and opportunities, and how to move forward. When one adds to this the diversity in terms of race and ethnicity, class, education, experience, skills, worldviews, health, and access to opportunities; the differences and tensions are quite significant. How do we communicate and relate with each other in ways that support and validate one another’s uniqueness and potentials? This was what Brokaw was probably referring to when he said something like, “With Obama’s election, we are in a post-modern era and I don’t know what post-modern means…”

Second, the U.S. and the world faces a “long-tail” of problems and challenges, which are products of change. Peace, order, and security are problematic in many areas of the world. These range from the nebulous Al Qaeda to African fratricides, secessionist movements, failed states, drug wars, piracy, human smuggling, etc. Also, after years of stalling and obfuscation, the environmental issues of climate change, deforestation, and habitat degradation have now come back to haunt us. Coupled with disasters of biblical scale in both developed and developing countries, we, the human species, will have to make difficult decisions on how we do business and conduct our own lifestyles. As Gandhi said, “Live simply, so others may simply live.”

The third serious challenge is the train wreck of the American economy that is on course to derail the world economy. Look at it as the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the 1998 Brazilian and Russian meltdown, the 2001 Argentinian crisis, Mexico in 1984 and 1994, among others, all rolled into one in the United States. Contrarian economic gurus such as Eric Janzen and Columbia professor Nouriel Roubini generally predict a two-step deflation-inflation, severe and L-type unemployment, recession, and depression era for the next few years. They’re looking at a minimum 10M unemployed in the U.S. alone in the coming months. Welcome to a world of constant economic crises. Will corporations still look and operate the same way as last month? Will they have to drastically modify their structures, practices, and outlook? Will we see mergers or a splintering to smaller, more manageable units?

We’ve discussed changing demographics and waves of crises and challenges. The flip side of this pessimistic aspect of this sea of change in the TOG era is the opportunities inherent. Obama’s landslide win proved that that there is a body out there that resonates with his vision of authentic change and progressive politics. Whether his administration will deliver on his rhetoric or not, major segments of the boomer, X, and most especially the millennial generations have been mobilized over the last 18 months on his plans for the environment, social justice, health care, peace, business reform, and human rights. It will be difficult to return the genie of “new politics” and social movements to her bottle. I expect these generations and individuals to be more proactive in extending the social energy generated to push forth their change agenda.

Because of his decisive electoral victory, Obama has set the tone and standard in two specific areas. The first is how he waged his campaign. By 2010, there will be many countries, including the Philippines, which will have national elections or political transitions. Expect politicians of every stripe from the national down to the local level and in democratic countries to study closely, adopt, and implement his strategy of movement style mobilization with a well-oiled and efficient organization. Look at more costly but more sophisticated mobilizations and campaigns in the Web 2.0/online and real worlds.

Along with electoral movements, expect to see and hear more initiatives from the following sectors: women, health, energy, environment, hunger, housing/shelter, mental health, prison, drugs, sustainability, animal rights, habitat protection, voting and campaign finance, pro-life/pro-choice, race relations, role of Church social action, LGBT, indigenous peoples, employment, social security, etc. sectors. Who will be able to best organize and mobilize the most? Which sector/movement will be able to articulate best their agenda and interest? It will be noisy as it will combative, but participation is essential if power is to be redistributed and social justice implemented.

Obviously, there are profitable solutions to today’s problems. Changing demographics indicate new needs. An aging population, many of whom are unhealthy, will require care giving, medical attention, a change in diet and lifestyle. I do not posit an increase in costs due to an aging population, as changing demographics will have to account for migration, fertility rates, and a greater push for a healthy lifestyle. The important thing to note is that there are needed services, products, and faciliteis. Aside from the government, civil society will increasingly be tasked to provide these services and products at cost and for profit.

The same goes for environmental rehabilitation. Climate change and habitat destruction are forcing us to develop new technologies, specifically renewable energy, new modes of transportation, and materials. Human society will have to fundamentally retool its resource and energy bases. The race is on for new technologies, new services, and new ways of thinking about these issues. Vision, initiative, perspective, knowledge, information, skills, and creativity will be needed. Who will be the technical, social, moral entrepreneurs of the TOG era? Green innovation is expected to be a $1,370 to $2040 BILLION sector by the years 2020 if the right policies and incentives are in place.

Solar Panels at the Vatican (from
Solar Panels at the Vatican (from

In the U.S. alone, the TriplePundit blog quoted a UC Berkeley study, which highlighted that for every $100 million invested in the renewable sector 2,700 new jobs are created. With Obama intending to invest $15Billion a year for the next 10 years, at least 400,000 new jobs will be created just in the renewable energy sector alone.

Electric car retrofit by ElectraDrive (Photo by
Electric car retrofit by ElectraDrive (Photo by

For developing countries, such as the Philippines, we have a golden opportunity to do three things. The first is to leapfrog into green technology and industrialization. Scientists and researchers in developing countries, hampered by lack of resources, have been creative and persistent in addressing energy and water shortages, inadequate infrastructure, and the need sewerage. The poorest of the poor or those in the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) will need and are willing to pay for these services and infrastructure if the price is right. This is a large market and coupled with the other income classes may be able to create the second important aspect of a sustainable economy: a domestic market built on green innovation. The third aspect is the tremendously profitable area of retrofitting. By retrofitting, I mean, modifying what we use today to make it greener and more efficient. Retrofitting is a good alternative if capital is scarce and expensive to access.

From\'s tricycle retrofitting project
From\'s tricycle retrofitting project

Imagine a nascent auto sector fueled by biofuels and alternative fuels. I wrote previously of vegetable fuels and CNG powering vehicles in the Philippines. Check out the Colorado State’s initiative of retrofitting millions of polluting 2-stroke tricycles in the Philippines. They recently won the Rolex Award for environmental innovation, which will enable them to fund retrofitting of these tricycles at $300/unit. Other sources of funding will come from the monetization of carbon credits.

Imagine deforested mountains reforested for habitat restoration, biofuels, ecotourism, materials, and biotechnology. Imagine rehabilitated marine areas for ecotourism and sustainable fishing. Dare to use bamboo for a variety of things from clothing, to food, to bikes, skateboards, building materials, and furniture? How will developing countries transform wastes into resources? How do we make money out of hot air?

Grow Your Own Bike (from
Grow Your Own Bike (from

Check out Eng Chan’s cutting edge furniture using recycled automotive engine parts.

Eng Chan\'s Transmission Table (
Eng Chan's Transmission Table (

Metro Manila alone, a megalopolis of an estimated 20M, is in need of an infrastructure, housing, communication, transportation, and environmental quality upgrade if it is to compete in a multi-polar world of the new millennium.

There are lessons to be learned and perspectives to be gleaned from Obama’s election. Filipinos need to go beyond what neoconservative and progressive pundits have been spouting and forge a vision and roadmap for FilAm and Filipino progress.

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Congratulations America!

is OBAMALICIOUS. People Power, American style. Multicolor and multicultural never looked so good!

Sorry folks. Following this WEB 2.0 election, that's my status message on Facebook :-)

Kenya and Jakarta celebrate.

What an historic and watershed moment.

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Barack Obama on the cusp of history

Historic duo
Historic duo

With less than two days left before the elections for the 44th president of the United States, Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden are about to enter a new and historic era for the country. What does their election mean to Americans in general and Fil-Americans and Filipinos as well as the rest of the world in particular?

First, to reiterate what many have already written, this campaign period has been marked by a number of firsts and of new ways of doing things. The first person of color, of humble beginnings, but blessed with a recipe of success- a loving family, excellent education, able mentors, and a cultural sophistication honed by travel, training, and trials, is about to become president of the most powerful nation in the world. If not him, it could have been the first woman president.

On the other hand, the incumbent political party nominated a team that was not only ill-qualified, but wracked by controversy, blunder, and internal wrangling. All these, as the pundits say, reflect on the competence and temperament of the candidate.

Second, the Obama campaign made a radical break with traditional campaign strategies and tactics in three fundamental ways. The first is that true to his community organizing background, Obama understood the potential and power of social movements to win elections. He melded a competently directed and well-funded campaign with a decentralized and ground up election movement powered by diverse, creative, and energized people and organizations that were willing to take initiative, sacrifice, and bleed for the Obama cause. election projection as of  Nov. 2, 2008 election projection as of Nov. 2, 2008

This successful melding of a broad based election movement with competent campaign strategies was enabled by the wholehearted adoption of Web 2.0 as I wrote previously. Think 3.1 million volunteer supporters, 25,000 Obama bloggers, and a campaign kitty of $600M.

Lastly, Obama’s campaign message of hope and change anchored by specific proposals indicate his capability and competence to lead the country. McCain’s platform was clearly deficient and would most likely lead to further economic decline, continuing wars, and environmental degradation. Americans are not a stupid people.

Because Obama mobilized a movement in this election, he has in the process energized diverse sectors ranging from the youth, ethnic groups, women’s groups, environmentalists, scientists, activists, and the previously apolitical, among others. The challenge now is to sustain this political enthusiasm and energy and channel it, as activists would say, into initiatives on reform and restructuring.

The backdrop though of this historic election is an economic and financial meltdown wrought by a generation of neoliberal economic and social policies that weakened oversight and excessively deregulated; implemented monetary and tax policies that benefited vested interests; underinvested in public education, social services, and infrastructure; exploited the environment, and ventured into costly and illegitimate invasions. If the course is not changed, the very future of the USA may be irretrievably compromised.

The challenges facing Obama on day one are both multifaceted as they are difficult. Thus, there are huge expectations on Obama to initiate not only radical reform, but formulate new and innovative ways of doing things. Because reform and restructuring are on the agenda, this presents opportunities for Fil-Ams to participate. One, because the Obama-for-President movement was broad based in terms of sectors supporting him, and with Obama himself being of mixed color, his election sets the emotional tone of the country.

That emotional tone is a positive one of hope and genuine change. As he has repeatedly stated, America is a land of opportunity. With a loving and supportive family, access to good education, and public services, anyone can reach their potential. It is about equalizing opportunities, regardless of skin color or class. Following Benjamin Pimentel’s article, acceptance in white America need not be based on bashing Blacks anymore.

The change part, as others have noted, is that America has shown time and again that it can correct its mistakes and even engage in cathartic change. America launched the Washington Consensus of neoliberal economic and social policies that proved disastrous for developing countries. It has now returned home and the damage is unimaginable. Obama will have an historic opportunity to right the excesses of market fundamentalism, international unilateralism, crony capitalism, and U.S. contribution to global warming. If successful, he will steer America into a new era replete with a peace dividend and new technological breakthroughs in alternative energy and environmental technologies and services. Those who deeply understand these changes are in a position to benefit from these currents of change.

Scott Hansen\'s Progress poster
Scott Hansen's Progress poster

An insightful analysis by someone who wishes to remain anonymous noted that Obama will lead the nation at a time of intense change. His policies and actions will fundamentally remake the institutions that shape the economy, social relations, politics, foreign policy, environmental management, science and technology, among others. It is Thomas Kuhn’s paradigm shift of, as he wrote, from the “Old guard” that is tired and unimaginative and its replacement by the “Emergent New” generation. I put emphasis, just as he does, on “emergent” because it is evolutionary as it is contingent. There is latent energy that desires release, development, and effervescence. Obama has correctly sensed this. A McCain presidency according to him would only limit the “Emergent New” generation.

I have told others that as I look at the Obama election movement through the lens of the Gawad Kalinga social movement, the parallels are uncannily similar. Both share a message of hope, change, and healing of relationships. Both subsume conflict in favor of looking for common ground to work out problems. Thus, both are inclusive. Both prioritize the health of families, of communities, of the environment. Both seek to remake society in fundamental ways. It is about revolution, but a revolution not of the fighting kind that McCain espouses. Gawad Kalinga’s revolution is about healing relationships between rich and poor, powerful and powerless, among a family members and neighbors. Obama’s revolution is built on opportunities for all. Both have tapped into the energy and resources of civil society. They have the support of the youth who are color blind, the feminists, the laborers, the environmentalists, the scientists, heck, even plumbers!

Lastly, both have leveraged Web 2.0 and the creativity of all. Both have been skillful and artful in tapping into the political opportunities that presented itself, strategically accessed and utilized resources, and framed their message and platform in ways that attracted supporters and kept them for the long haul. Future elections will be run on a framework of social movements. I hope it will be of the genuine kind.

A Replication Guide for Building LGU-Initiated Gawad Kalinga Communities, 2005 Philippines-Canada Local Government Support Program
A Replication Guide for Building LGU-Initiated Gawad Kalinga Communities, 2005 Philippines-Canada Local Government Support Program

The Obama and Gawad Kalinga movement reflect changes in society in general. Because of persistent widespread inequality and poverty, as well as the environmental challenges, movements of poverty alleviation, health, sustainability, and social inclusion are present worldwide. The need for creativity and innovation in addressing these challenges has attracted some of the best and brightest to these movements. It will come as no surprise why social entrepreneurs are supporters of Obama and of Gawad Kalinga.

The future is exciting and challenging for Americans. The world looks forward to the new stage the United States of America will be performing on.

What will the contribution of FilAms be?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Online is the straight line to the White House: LANDSLIDE win expected for Barack “Web 2.0” Obama

from the 1M strong for Barack Obama Facebook page

Barack “Web 2.0” Obama will win the 2008 U.S. presidential elections by a landslide.

A week ago, after writing an article on why Catholics could vote for Obama, I was intrigued at the wealth of information I found on the topic on the Web. Then after watching the endorsement of Colin Powell of Obama, I was further intrigued. I Googled keywords one wouldn’t expect to be related such as “Republicans supporting Obama,” “conservatives for Obama,” “Joe the Plumber supports Obama,” or “Joe Six-packer for Obama,” and so on. The Google results were overwhelming. The articles were likewise witty and humorous. I thought there was something going on here. The blizzard of favorable endorsements of Obama and Obama’s sticky presence online seemed to point to what Malcolm Gladwell has famously labeled as the tipping point. The other phenomena that seemed to be jumping out was Chris Anderson’s long tail, wherein, to stretch his definition further, many people were writing about different aspects of Obama. Importantly, Obama supporters were doing the research on issues and counterpunching for him.

Notwithstanding the tsunami of polls indicating a surge for Obama, Web 2.0 analyses also indicate this observation. In fact, one internet marketing website predicted as early as June 2008 that Obama would win. An Irish bookie has even started paying out bets on an Obama win to the tune of $1.5M.

Web 2.0, coined by Tim O'Reilly and John Battelle, generally refers to how we think of and use the worldwide web and the internet as a platform of activities such as communications, information generation and dissemination, education, social networking, social media, and marketing, among others. Web 2.0 harnesses community and collective intelligence and enables a “richer user-experience.” It encourages the user to innovate. It is powerfully egalitarian because diversity and uniqueness are appreciated and valued

It becomes even more powerful when online activity translates into real world action in creative ways.

The Obama campaign has achieved this.

Here are some crude numbers and observations.

Obama has a significant online presence. Google his name and you will get 79M page results. Google John McCain and you have 18.9M page results only or 4x less. Obama’s slogan “Change we can believe in” resulted in an even larger 97.4M page results. Sarah Palin” returned 43.7M page results compared to “Joe Biden” with 20M. However, the first two pages summarizing the results had websites that weren’t favorable to her.

Obama has a significant online community. In the rapidly expanding social networking site Facebook, Obama has nearly 4x more supporters at 2.24M compared to McCain’s 595,167 supporters. In the older MySpace, Obama again has 4x more friends at 771,493 compared to McCain’s 195,017. In comparing what goes on in their respective Facebook pages, Obama’s page again is more active with 463,890 wall posts and 1,664 notes compared to 118,199 wall posts and 125 notes for McCain. McCain though has a discussion section containing 6,108 discussion topics, while Obama has no such section.

However, there is a parallel Facebook group and website called Barack Obama (One Million Million Strong for Barack) with 835,271 members, 54,783 discussion topics, and even 4,221 pictures posted.

Obama is sticky online. By sticky, we mean content online either gets us to return to the website or it gets our attention. Obama is not only sticky but his online reputation is positive. On the widely successful video sharing website YouTube for example Obama video results numbered 571,000 to McCain’s 176,000. Palin video results numbered 90,700 compared to Joe Biden’s 32,100. If one takes the negative aspect, anti-Obama videos have 410 compared to McCain’s 229. Anti-Palin resulted in 95, while anti-Biden resulted in two videos. However, there are anti -Republican groups that consistently upload informative and critical GOP videos. One active group is Brave New Films which has 880 video results. “Joe the plumber” had video results 3,430 of various slants. “Joe six pack” had video results 740, again of various slants.

The Tech President website, which provides some of the most useful Web 2.0 analyses of the election campaign notes that Obama has a whopping 85,082,123 YouTube views compared to McCain’s 22,598,936. In addition, Obama racked up a humongous 14,548,809.05 viewing hours compared to McCain’s 488,093.01 hours. PCWorld has noted that YouTube videos are ‘kinder’ to Obama .

“Blog mentions” as measured by Technorati shows Obama leading McCain 4,624 to 3,928. Gov. Palin had a huge increase to 3,257, probably due to her numerous gaffes.

Obama’s website according to Hitwise, an internet research company, has a 67.19% market share compared to McCain’s 32.81%.

Obama is even the "Brand of the Year" awardee as declared by Advertising Age/Ad age.

In what online cave is McCain living in these days?


Online to real line

Obama has better leveraged Web 2.0 in myriad ways.

The Obama movement. Obama supporters from Facebook to Myspace to those who registered at MyObama have demonstrated their support with the best indicator, money. David Plouffer, the Obama campaign manager reported that 632,000 new donors donated quite a big part of the $150M raised during the month of September 2008, bringing the total number of those who have donated to more than 3.1 million. According to him, the average amount of the donations is $86. Two significant observations are; many are repeat donors and many are probably doing more than just donating. Take a look at the MyObama website . Not only does it ask for donations, it provides the online tools to do other campaign related actions in the real world including networking through its Neighbor-to-Neighbor initiative . Thus, unlike McCain’s or even earlier, Clinton’s, Obama’s campaign is highly interactive, not only online, but offline as well. The creativity is astounding. Can someone email this Obama tax-calculator to Joe the plumber and Republican supporters to see how much taxes they’ll be paying? Community organizing, derided by Giuliani and Palin, is coming back to haunt the GOP. Obama directly has at least 1.5 million active volunteers that generate 400,000 voter contacts a day.

Obama the counterpuncher movement. The movement that the Obama campaign has spawned is engaged in a variety of activities. One overlooked activity is counterpunching . By counterpunching, I refer to how Obama supporters are responding to and proactively strategizing in quad-media (radio, TV, press, Web) the Rovian sleaze, smear, scare tactics.

Nancy Scola writes about how the internet is killing the Rovian tactic of robocalls

Obama leaning websites have documented and MAPPED interactively the hows, whys, and number of McCain's negative attacks. They’ve deconstructed and showed what’s wrong with this tactic and have generated an increasingly negative view of the McCain strategy. The 4.2M member political movement has played a tremendous, creative, fundraising, networking and so important part in the get-the-vote out and organizing for Obama. For its final push it has at least 100,000 volunteers organizing parties wherein the attendees will do campaign calls and other related actions. Peter Daou has documented the rise of what is popularly called netroots and how the sector has influenced the narratives of the traditional media, especially in painting a favorable image of Obama.

Go for the heart and the wallet will follow. Reminiscent of Gawad Kalinga’s message of hope, faith-based, heroic, and servant action, the fundraising power of Obama reflects the resonance that Americans have for the message of hope and change that Obama espouses. As David Brooks noted, the fundamentals are there for Obama. The debacle of the Bush administration, the indiscretions of Republicans, the rising wealth gap, the slide into poverty of many Americans, and the environmental crisis are realities that need to be addressed. Obama’s campaign seeks to address these issues. McCain insists on fighting and continuing a destructive economic program with environmental consequences. Even his pro-life platform is contested. Fundamentally, Obama presents an even tempered, dedicated, and passionate president-to-be similar to the David Palmer character in the hugely successful 24 Fox tv series. McCain comes out as McNasty. The message of positive change and hope will most often resonate with people. That is how humans are wired. Lastly, favorable stories generate favorable stories. All these has resulted in Obama raising $600M.

Mobilize-organize, organize-mobilize. The Obama rallies from the primaries, overseas, to the Democratic convention, to the massive, massive rallies in red states are very impressive. It reminds me of much earlier political mobilizations. The Cory Aquino campaign, People Power I, and People II, which I witnessed all had the same energy, mobilization, and level of organization ultimately led to the ousting of Marcos first and Erap Estrada second. The same dynamics are unfolding and I am confident that McCain will lose this elections. People resonate with Obama and his campaign messages. Everyday people are getting more comfortable with him. His big ears and his awk-awful-ward dance steps are endearing him to people. He is surrounded with a bevy of competent and articulate campaign workers and backstopped by decentralized, but passionate and skillful netroots.

Plus, what social scientists call elite cleavages have transformed into a gushing rush to the Obama campaign. Big donors and bigwigs in a number of sectors have publicly supported him. Google, Buffet, Oprah, the onslaught of newspaper endorsements, the Clinton power couple, the Kennedy clan, George Soros, and the Republican defections, signal wide top societal support of Obama.

Numbers in. The online world has given us the opportunity to look at trends and polling on the election. All reflect a rout of McCain. The polling blog which simulates the election 10,000 times a day using different polls asserts an Obama win. Website owner Nate Silver says that early voting is trending Obama. New registrants will most like vote and will vote Obama. Enthusiasm levels are higher for Democrats then Republicans. Minority groups of various stripes-remember the immigrant scapegoating and gay-bashing?- are turning up for Obama. Heck, even kids mock-voted for Obama.

Another website, 3BlueDudes, albeit leaning Democrat, lists and presents the various polls and projections on the election . Again, most are favoring Obama.

Since the 2004 campaigns and elections, the internet and Web have played an increasingly critical role. Obama, following Dean’s lead, has fully embraced it. McCain’s campaign hasn’t and it reflects the wide gulf separating them, not only on the power of the internet, but on fundamental issues of character, temperament, economic and social policies, as well as foreign policies.

Barack Obama will be the 44th president of the United States on November 5, 2008.

As Dr. Noel Flores of Chicago noted; "IT will be historic."

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why Catholics can go for Obama

Poor and low-income women account for more than half of U.S. abortions
FilAms/Filipinos should not fall into the myth that electing McCain will miraculously lead to the banning of abortion. The GOP uses the abortion issue for politics. Since 1973, their efforts, if ever any significant action was initiated, have proven ineffectual especially with Roe vs. Wade. It's a zarzuela. I have yet to see any movement or program launched by the GOP or their supporters to help the mostly poor and poorly educated women of COLOR (mostly Protestant and/or Catholic) who undergo most of the abortions.

figure from Guttmacher Institute

Also, abortion rates generally went down during the Democratic administrations compared to GOP administrations. Lastly, for those who think Obama is the devil incarnate on abortion, what have they done to help the over 40 million women who committed abortion? Probably none, because most were poor, of color, and not within their social circle.

Everyone condemns abortion, but who is doing anything to prevent it and help the poor mother of color?

As the study Reducing Abortion in America: The Effect of Economic and Social Supports concludes...

"The findings of this study indicate that increased economic assistance is strongly correlated with reductions in the abortion rate and suggest that effective pro-life public policies should address the socioeconomic well being of pregnant women and working families. As public attention during this election season turns to economic health of our nation, elected officials should consider the prolife benefits of using economic assistance and employment policy to reduce abortions in America..."

A focus on reality and faith-based action in loving the poor and helping them out of poverty, inequality, and social exclusion are the best ways to reduce abortion.

Anything less is religous smokescreen for greed ala Rizal's Padre Damaso.

See the article below.


This article is a rebuttal to a previously published essay by George Weigel arguing that Barack Obama ' s views on abortion are fundamentally at odds with Catholic doctrine.

Monday, October 20, 2008

What your favorite McCain and Palin supporter forgot to forward to you

Design from

What your favorite McCain and Palin supporter forgot to forward to you…

 Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama

 Republicans for Obama


Obama conservatives/ ObamaCONS


Military families supporting Obama


Veterans supporting Obama


Pro-lifers and Catholics supporting Obama - 45k


Being pro-life is 1 percent talk, 99 percent action



Republican states in play


Reasons for Republican collapse


100,000 in St. Louis, 75,000 in Kansas City  rallies for Obama


Republican vote lags in N.C. early voting


More newspaper endorsements for Obama in N.C.




More Obama Endorsements IV: Sacramento, Katie Couric, Malaysia, Houston Chronicle, Detroit, Waco Tx (sort of) by Stephen Fox


Poll: Obama ahead in critical counties

Summary of various polls show Obama leading

Obama swept debates


Hockey moms for Obama


Soccer moms for Obama


Women against Palin,0,1290251.story (staffer resigns);jsessionid=A444B8EFF666AFA796A5B524A3898F7E?diaryId=186


Women dropping Palin




Women for Obama,8599,1846065,00.html (list of women for obama)


Women for  Biden


Plumbers for Obama


Plumbers for Biden


Joe Six-pack for Obama{02CA8254-785D-4438-A7A0-351BFE4682DA}&dist=hppr


A blizzard of….Obama endorsements

Chronicle endorses Obama for president, Biden for vice president

Sun-Times endorses Barack Obama for president - Chicago Sun-Times - 34 related articles »

Denver Post Endorses Barack Obama - TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime

Washington Post Endorses Obama

Obama for president - The Boston Globe

SUNDAY ENDORSEMENTS: Houston and Austin Papers--Former Bush ...

Digg - LA Times Endorses Obama,0,3530861.story

Editorials & Opinion | Obama for the Democrats | Seattle Times ...

Barack Obama: Our choice for President - Las Vegas Sun


Diplomats, Nobel laureates, economists, Oprah for Obama

200 former U.S. diplomats endorse Obama : politics

All 2008 US Nobel Laureates in Science Endorse Obama! - Scientists ...

Burning Cane: Largest Asian-American PAC Endorses Obama

Oprah Endorses Obama - The Caucus Blog -


Political scientists, bookies think Obama will win


Unions for Obama

AFL-CIO endorses Obama for president


Community organizers endorse Obama

ACORN: Obama Gets It


Racist attacks against Obama and supporters


Flipping ACORN, flipping votes for…the GOP

Could The US Election Be Stolen (Again)?

Michael Winship | A Mighty Hoax from ACORN Grows

Common Cause: This Election: Deceptive Practices 2.0?

FairVote: New Study: Lack of Planning in Virginia May Cause Election Day Problem


Veterans against McCain,15202,164859_1,00.html (on veterans’ benefits)


McCain’s relatives (some) support Obama



Epidemic of abuse of women in Alaska

Obama brand