Monday, October 20, 2008

What your favorite McCain and Palin supporter forgot to forward to you

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What your favorite McCain and Palin supporter forgot to forward to you…

 Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama

 Republicans for Obama


Obama conservatives/ ObamaCONS


Military families supporting Obama


Veterans supporting Obama


Pro-lifers and Catholics supporting Obama - 45k


Being pro-life is 1 percent talk, 99 percent action



Republican states in play


Reasons for Republican collapse


100,000 in St. Louis, 75,000 in Kansas City  rallies for Obama


Republican vote lags in N.C. early voting


More newspaper endorsements for Obama in N.C.




More Obama Endorsements IV: Sacramento, Katie Couric, Malaysia, Houston Chronicle, Detroit, Waco Tx (sort of) by Stephen Fox


Poll: Obama ahead in critical counties

Summary of various polls show Obama leading

Obama swept debates


Hockey moms for Obama


Soccer moms for Obama


Women against Palin,0,1290251.story (staffer resigns);jsessionid=A444B8EFF666AFA796A5B524A3898F7E?diaryId=186


Women dropping Palin




Women for Obama,8599,1846065,00.html (list of women for obama)


Women for  Biden


Plumbers for Obama


Plumbers for Biden


Joe Six-pack for Obama{02CA8254-785D-4438-A7A0-351BFE4682DA}&dist=hppr


A blizzard of….Obama endorsements

Chronicle endorses Obama for president, Biden for vice president

Sun-Times endorses Barack Obama for president - Chicago Sun-Times - 34 related articles »

Denver Post Endorses Barack Obama - TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime

Washington Post Endorses Obama

Obama for president - The Boston Globe

SUNDAY ENDORSEMENTS: Houston and Austin Papers--Former Bush ...

Digg - LA Times Endorses Obama,0,3530861.story

Editorials & Opinion | Obama for the Democrats | Seattle Times ...

Barack Obama: Our choice for President - Las Vegas Sun


Diplomats, Nobel laureates, economists, Oprah for Obama

200 former U.S. diplomats endorse Obama : politics

All 2008 US Nobel Laureates in Science Endorse Obama! - Scientists ...

Burning Cane: Largest Asian-American PAC Endorses Obama

Oprah Endorses Obama - The Caucus Blog -


Political scientists, bookies think Obama will win


Unions for Obama

AFL-CIO endorses Obama for president


Community organizers endorse Obama

ACORN: Obama Gets It


Racist attacks against Obama and supporters


Flipping ACORN, flipping votes for…the GOP

Could The US Election Be Stolen (Again)?

Michael Winship | A Mighty Hoax from ACORN Grows

Common Cause: This Election: Deceptive Practices 2.0?

FairVote: New Study: Lack of Planning in Virginia May Cause Election Day Problem


Veterans against McCain,15202,164859_1,00.html (on veterans’ benefits)


McCain’s relatives (some) support Obama



Epidemic of abuse of women in Alaska

Obama brand




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Hope Obama can bring prosperity & peace to the world & the USA.