Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why Catholics can go for Obama

Poor and low-income women account for more than half of U.S. abortions
FilAms/Filipinos should not fall into the myth that electing McCain will miraculously lead to the banning of abortion. The GOP uses the abortion issue for politics. Since 1973, their efforts, if ever any significant action was initiated, have proven ineffectual especially with Roe vs. Wade. It's a zarzuela. I have yet to see any movement or program launched by the GOP or their supporters to help the mostly poor and poorly educated women of COLOR (mostly Protestant and/or Catholic) who undergo most of the abortions.

figure from Guttmacher Institute

Also, abortion rates generally went down during the Democratic administrations compared to GOP administrations. Lastly, for those who think Obama is the devil incarnate on abortion, what have they done to help the over 40 million women who committed abortion? Probably none, because most were poor, of color, and not within their social circle.

Everyone condemns abortion, but who is doing anything to prevent it and help the poor mother of color?

As the study Reducing Abortion in America: The Effect of Economic and Social Supports concludes...

"The findings of this study indicate that increased economic assistance is strongly correlated with reductions in the abortion rate and suggest that effective pro-life public policies should address the socioeconomic well being of pregnant women and working families. As public attention during this election season turns to economic health of our nation, elected officials should consider the prolife benefits of using economic assistance and employment policy to reduce abortions in America..."

A focus on reality and faith-based action in loving the poor and helping them out of poverty, inequality, and social exclusion are the best ways to reduce abortion.

Anything less is religous smokescreen for greed ala Rizal's Padre Damaso.

See the article below.


This article is a rebuttal to a previously published essay by George Weigel arguing that Barack Obama ' s views on abortion are fundamentally at odds with Catholic doctrine.

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