Friday, August 25, 2006

Petron flunked Guimaras crisis test

I disagree with calls that we boycott Petron. Petron stands between the Filipino people and foreign oil companies. The competition it brings forth (not as great as before) sort of pressures the other big oil companies to moderate their prices. It is not Petron's fault per se, rather Petron's officers' fault. Thus, like the Rapu-Rapu mining mess, Petron oficers and the board all need to be accountable for this. If we are really serious, we should even be buying petron stocks so we can get on the Board and issue stockholder resolutions calling for their resignation, investigation, and if possible, criminal prosecution. Certain people were responsible for this and should be held accountable. Let them identify all the culprits. Hurting Petron only hurts us. Petron's management leadership is a huge disappointment...

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