Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fourth Pinoy summits Everest/ First women's traverse of Everest

Ok, so the three lady climbers have reached the Nepal base camp safely. They are the FIRST ever all-woman team to traverse Mt. Everest. They also achieved this by climbing the difficult north route (Tibet).

As a bonus, a fourth Filipino mountaineer summitted Mt. Everest last 17 May. The Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines Inc. (MFPI - Home) e-group reported that past president Reggie Pablo summitted.

See the following for confirmation:

http://www.astrek. com/expedition_ index/exp- results-ti- 2007.htm
http://www.everestn 007/asiannorthev erest05172007. htm
Another Filipino conquers Everest -, Philippine News ...

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Photo Credit : Abrahm Lustgarten Everest Base Camp sits over three miles above sea level (17,600 feet), high enough to cause severe head rushes and weight loss. But from base camp, climbers must ascend another 12,000 feet to reach the legendary apex.

Pinoy summits of Everest have a ripple effect on outdoor sports, adventure travel, and environmental initiatives in the Philippines/Asia. All of them of who have summitted are also known for their commitment to the environment, search and rescue, education, etc. and have their own respective initiatives.


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