Friday, November 30, 2007

Further comments on the Trillanes "effect"

Really good analysis below by my friend.

RE: ABS-CBN, I didn't realize how many covered the Pen. Somebody else said that it seemed like ABS knew that something was going to happen. I don't know if I told you about A. McCoy's book Anarchy of Families, where he noted that Geny Lopez wrote a paper in Harvard about his thoughts on the government. Basically, it is an inherently corrupt institution, so the only recourse is to control and manipulate it. Are there links here?

A journalist friend said that Oakwood 2003 wasn't really Trillanes' plan but that of more senior officers. He was just the face and symbol of reform-minded officers. So you are correct. He is both a media and military-creation. Was he too rash and impulsive? Sayang, because the Sundalo website looked well researched and articulated.

There will always be a clamor from within the military for reforms and a temptation to seize power. But they, like the communists, and many priests, are I think, inept in the art of government.

The challenge really is how do we develop, sustain, and then REPRODUCE servant-leaders at all levels of society. That's why Gawad Kalinga excites me. GK trains and develops community members and in turn their own volunteers/workers learn from the community. Multiply that everyday and in hopefully 7,000 communities with many other sectoral partners, then you have a national program for developing ethical workers and leaders.

The other program I see for leadership development is the OFW phenomenon.

The leftists used to say countries exporting migrant workers bear the brunt of creating them, nurturing, educating them only to be used by the richer countries. When they retire, they return home and their native countries care for them until they die. True to a large extent, but the Philippines has learned to game the system. With over 8M people abroad, we are now shifting the expense of educating them, opening their eyes to the potentials of prosperity, broadening their aspirations of a better future for themselves and their children, and giving them the courage to demand more of their government.

Not only are people voting with their feet, but those feet will turn around one day with bulging pockets to demand that politicians and bureaucrats shape up or else...

We will have many challenges but as long as we don't lose our democratic space, collective initiatives such as GK or individual ones like economic migrants will somehow force governance on the bureaucracy.

In the meantime, we should consider your proposal of expanding the numbers of the Senate and Congress to further dilute their powers and make them more irrelevant if they choose to remain unproductive clowns.

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