Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hunting dolphins (and whales) is wrong!

Recently, a rising Hollywood actress was filmed trying to protect dolphins from being hunted by Japanese fishermen. She and conservation friends failed. The fishermen were very aggressive. As she and her conservation friends left after being threatened, they were able to film the waters turning red with the blood of the massacred dolphins.

Now, why would anyone want to kill these graceful and intelligent animals for food in this day and age? Can't an economically developed country like Japan afford to shift from dolphin and whale consumption to other sources of food that are more humane and enlightened?

The upcoming trade treaty between Japan and Philippines is worrisome because of the implications on Japanese trawlers fishing in Philippine territorial waters.

Do we really want to be party to this inhumane fishing practice?

See the graceful and friendly dolphins of Bais, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

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