Monday, March 31, 2008

the costumes

the costumes, originally uploaded by livingplanet.

I was in Memphis for the whole week attending the annual Society for Applied Anthropologists (SFAAs). No first time visit to Memphis is possible without visiting rock n roll's greatest singer's mansion, grave, and exhibits. Elvis Aaron Presley parlayed his good looks, great singing, cool demeanor, sexy dance steps, and charming personality to a cultural and commercial revolution.

His costumes were not only fashion statements but cultural statements as well, copied by other rock stars. His interests were varied. He was a good marksman, loved martial arts, was into luxury and sports cars, and liked his Harleys, golf carts, and powered up motorized toys.

He was generous to a fault and loved to party. He was appreciative of the audience and really cared for them, worrying if he still had an impact. Many say he was courteous, likable, and considerate.

He may have had many faults, but no one can fault him for his music, his dance, and that uniquely cool demeanor only an Elvis Presley can summon up.

You rock Elvis.

From a fellow twin....


the Flickr photos were taken without flash, since the exhibit banned flash photography....

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