Monday, March 03, 2008

"Stay the Course": Gawad Kalinga's ACTION is the Message

Gawad Kalinga's Executive Director Luis Oquinena wrote to categorically state what Gawad Kalinga's position is on the current corruption scandal haunting the Arroyo Administration. Entitled, "STAY THE COURSE", their stand is:


It is a commitment to build 2,000 GK communities in 2008.

By bringing out the good and noble in one another through heroic addressing poverty in myriad maintaining high standards of integrity and accountability in GK activities...Gawad Kalinga hopes to show those in power that power must be used responsibly.

While conflict and confrontation may engender political change, concerted action on doing good is shaping up to be a more potent symbol of the CALL FOR CHANGE and a rebuke of corrupt officials, politicians, and businessmen.

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