Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pangea Day was awesome!

These are the hands, what are you going to build with them?
- a line in the song sung by Dave Stewart, Co-Founder, Eurythmics at the Pangea Day celebration

Pangea Day ended about 50 minutes ago. Yet the sights, sounds, and the messages linger on. Pangea Day was a powerful four hour global performance. It showed how the power of convergence on a global scale of film, art, music, dance, information and communication technologies (ICT). In other words, CREATIVITY in the different disciplines and activities of humanity can promote peace, forgiveness, social justice, remembrance, and most importantly LOVE for our fellow human being.

This was an experiment in promoting peace- through social memory, of combatants in the Middle East getting together, opening their hearts, and talking to one another, in the hopes of forgiving one another. As one victim asked, "If we who have lost the most precious in our lives can forgive, why can't others and our leaders?" (or words to that effect).

-through laughter as an Indian guru suggested and performed...

- through remembering the past and working at a better future...

-through music, singing another people's national anthem...

-through sports, by playing volleyball using a border wall as the net..

- through the lived experience of oneself or of others...

My dissertation research on Gawad Kalinga has opened my eyes (and heart) to the powerful force of love, servant leadership, caring and sharing. It also made me aware that much can be achieved through the CONVERGENCE of CREATIVITY and of CREATIVE, LOVING PEOPLE.

Look into yourself and those around you.

Become more aware of the creativity to do good in yourself and the good being done by others.

One speaker noted that "we are the same species, with the same problems, living in one day there may not anymore be the OTHER..."

One world, one heartbeat.

Check out Karen Armstrong's inspirational speech at Pangea Day.

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