Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hecky's Talaan:

Some say your best friend is yourself. And to be the best-of-friends, you need to take care of the relationship. So, how are you taking care of yourself? What do you think you'd be like in the future?

I was on the road early this morning listening to NPR. NPR's Scott Simon interviewed Matt Sly, co-founder of Sly, a computer science Yale MBA student, set it up so that people could write an email to themselves and have it sent in the future. You could have the general public read it too. To date, some 386,268 letters have been written to the future. A book compilation is forthcoming this Fall 2007.

I've written mine and if you get to read something about the four Fs and C.O.W.S, that email's mine!
Enjoy thinking about your future and emailing yourself. If you have time to waste, have fun reading others'.
Here's a few samples:

Dear Future Me,

Send someone a love letter anonymously. Someone lonely, sad, and depressed, much like yourself in this moment past.

(written Tue Dec 20, 2005, sent Sun Feb 5, 2006)
Hey self.

you're 18 years old. you are sending yourself a letter to god knows how far away in the future, just to remind yourself how stupid and cheesy you once were, silly enough to do these things such as write yourself when you're old.

if you get this message, congrats on making it this far. remember, the journey is never over.

-your younger, less mature self

(written Sun Jul 11, 2004, to be delivered Wed Jul 11, 2029)
Dear future me,
youre trying to remember arent you? checking the writing style, seeing if it matches yours now. well tough. im not you and you're not me so i think we'd both better deal with that and move on. we both know i'm immature compared to you. also im whiney, bored and filled with issues that would make a grown man laugh. you'll no longer be a teenager by the time you read this you lucky lucky man. so how are you anyway? got a girlfriend? a steady job? still on your course at university? did you pass your first year? you didn't deserve to either way. we both know that. still writing? plays? stories? books? films? you can't live your life according to escapism and other peoples feelings, you know that don't you. there are three hundred thousand people like you in this country. most of them are better educated, smarter, more sensible and, lets face it, better writers than you. but don't give up. you've decided to do something and that, my friend (do you mind if i call you that?) is something not to be taken lightly.
only after disaster can we be resurrected its only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything nothing is static everything is evolving everything is falling apart
you used to believe those words.


(written Sun Mar 21, 2004, sent Mon Mar 21, 2005)

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