Sunday, April 01, 2007

Re: [Street Strategist] What really is Hyperwage?

Individual freedom/ liberty to pursue happiness is the ultimate goal.

Access to economic opportunities makes this feasible.

This is what social justice is all about.

Pol Espanola wrote:
You may choose one answer from following suggestions indicating the main principle supporting Hyperwage.
  1. Proper Valuation of Labor
  2. Fair Distribution of Wealth
  3. Equitable Sharing of Income
  4. Purchasing Power to the People
  5. Living Wage for Workers
  6. Equal Pay for the Same Job
  7. Globalization of Prices
Alternatively, you may provide different suggestions.
In any case, please try explaining your answer and the corresponding basis for determining the reasonable amount of Hyperwage, as well as the obstacles in implementing Hyperwage.
What do you think?

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