Saturday, May 12, 2007

Joey Velasco's Last Supper

Joey Velasco is a talented Filipino painter and sculptor. He is also a compassionate man.

He finds beauty, hope, strength, and happiness in the most vulnerable in society: the homeless child. Deep in his heart, he knows God loves these perfect beings. What is bleak in his paintings is actually God working through us. Take a look and experience its transformative power.

Behind the photograph of this painting are his words:

Poor Kids In My Pocket

I carry this picture in my pocket,

A simple reminder to me that

No matter where I am,

Jesus and the poor kids are always

in my midst.

This simple card is not a claim stub

To withdraw some blessings in return.

It is not a ticket to free me from guilt

Nor a good luck charm to protect me from harm.

It’s not even to tag me as a man of charity

Fo all the world to see.

It’s simply an understanding

Between Jesus and me.

When I put my hand in my pocket

To bring out my wallet,

It is NOT for alms-giving.

This picture just makes me remember

that I must have a heart to share

that a part of me has to be offered

in simple service and deeds

to the countless little children

whose future is obscure;

who suffer and shiver in the dark;

whose voices are unheard;

whose nightmares come at daytime,

and whose monsters are real.

It’s a symbol of my nearness to God.

So, I carry this little piece in my pocket,

Reminding no one but me,

That I can give hope

If only I care.

-Joey Velasco

See the article HAPAG NG PAG-ASA by Jesuit priest James B. Reuter.

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Anonymous said...

Before I've deciced to open this site, our R.E teacher gave us the time and oppurtunity to watch the film entitled, "Kambas ng Lipunan" by Joey Velasco. It was such a great film which make us realize how lucky we are to have a life we are enjoying now. Those children in the film are the ones greatly needed the love and compassion of Christ.

Lets all give ourselves a time to reflect and be thankful to God of what we are having now. Lets share our blessings to others and to the least favored people in our society.

To Mr. Joey Velasco, a standing ovation to your works of art and the goodness of your heart.=D

-by OdA_mE...!