Saturday, March 10, 2007

Common sense on global warming

The science behind anthropogenic global warming in ADDITION to natural phenomena is sound and documented. Any appeal to the "flat earth" analogy for arguing that there is not enough scientific data to posit that there is a global warming is a disingenous argument. The scientific methdology has improved over the past few decades and since the 60s the scientific results have mainly supported the global warming thesis.

On the contrary, most of the political editorializing are by the paid GW denialists, at least here in the US political and media arenas. There are no heroic figures in the GW denialist camp. None of them is a Galileo. They are all well-paid and well-fed.

Don't you think, as someone elsewhere noted, that it is immoral and self-destructive to pump out thousands of metric tons of toxic fumes every year in the name of progress?

If it stinks,

If it irritates your skin,

If it pollutes the water,

If it makes it difficult for your children to breathe,

If it causes CANCER,

If it kills you,

Then why continue to pump it out?

As they say, use your [common] senses....

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