Saturday, March 10, 2007

How many scientists do we need to accept that global warming is occurring?

The science behind global warming is becoming clearer over time. There are so many credible scientists who have reached the same conclusions. Apart from the 2,500 IPCC scientists, recently, the world's largest general scientific society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) released a statement on climate change. AAAS was founded in 1848. It is comprised and/or serves 262 affiliated societies and academies of science, reaching 10 million
individuals. Their statement can be found at:

AAAS Board Releases New Statement on Climate Change:

Global warming denialists are quick to point out that communists and leftists are mainly behind the efforts to promote global warming action. Indeed the leftists are present, but so what? They are not as big a threat as the rightwingers make them. The American kind may be irritating, but they are not of the Soviet type that led the USSR into economic and environmental ruin.

I say follow the money. As i posted last year, if you don't believe in global warming there are those who do and will bet you $10,000 that it's true.

Follow the oil company money used to pay journalists, scientists, and think tanks to contest gobal warming.

But more importantly, follow the money being invested in alternative technology.

I think this is a growth sector: carbon credits, solar, biofuels, reforestation, etc.

A few years from now, we'll see who was right and who made money.....

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