Saturday, March 10, 2007

Turning the GW crisis into an opportunity

Shouldn't we turn a crisis into an opportunity, risk into reward?

Our biggest problem is poverty and underdevelopment, basically the ever-widening gap between the poor and the rich. Poverty also has environmental impacts.

Global warming presents opportunities to developing countries, such as the Philippines. Pinoy environmentalists should frame the discussion as one of opportunity, not as sacrifice. The sacrifice should be done by those living in the developed world, not the developing countries. The industrialization of the West laid the seeds of destruction via global warming. They must bear the bulk of the burden.

We should look at:

1. Developing green technologies (see my alt tech xmas list), including green building technologies as one path towards sustainable industrialization
2. Developing the carbon credit exchange market
3. Developing alternative fuels

4. Educating the next generation of engineers, designers, educators on green technology and business
5. Getting the rich countries to pay us to develop our industries in a clean manner unlike their growth pattern

Sustainable development is not only about conservation.

It is also about human development that addresses basic needs of food, shelter, health, clothing, education, etc. including improving the quality of life.

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