Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tucson can do better

Tucson ranked 21 out of 72 cities in the US in terms of "greeness". It's from the Urban Environment Report published by the Earthday Network. There are seven subject areas used for scoring: (1) toxics and wastes, (2) air quality, (3) drinking and surface water, (4) quality of life, (5) parks and recreation opportunities, (6) human and public health, (7) global warming and climate change.

These subject areas are mediated or weighted by a vulnerable population index (VPI), which accounts for the concentration of people vulnerable to, more sensitive to, or susceptible to environmental change ("citizens at risk").

Tucson's scorecard can be seen at:

Mesa, Az ranked 16, while Phoenix is 30th.

I liked the term used by VP Al Gore last night at the Oscars. He used "environmentally intelligent" technologies or processes instead of using "environmentally friendly" or "environmentally sustainable".

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