Saturday, March 10, 2007

Following the global warming money/ GW links

Why is the Virgin founder offering a $25 million prize for the technological solution to global warming? See the following from
Bloomberg, Alex Morales and Elliott Gotkine, 09 Feb 2007
The Independent
An interview with Sir Richard Branson

I've noted from others previously that no one, except for two Russian scientists, want to bet $10,000 that global warming (climate change is the term used by the republicans) is occurring and is being exacerbated by man's activities. See:

The Pieser report mentioned to discredit the Oreskes artice in Nature was defective methodologically. See Tim Lambert's post ( Here's the primer on how to talk to a climate change skeptic (

Follow the money of the skeptics.... (

Lastly, Mother Jones' series on anthropogenic global warming ( should be must reading...

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